• Testing

    Applied Medical Coatings provides the following test procedures which include: ASTM 3359 – Beta Back Scatter – Coating thickness...
  • Pretreatment

    Proper pretreatment is essential to achieving a superior finish. Applied Medical Coatings, LLC provides the following options for our...
  • Coatings

    Some of the characteristics of available coatings are: Antimicrobial coating with additives that prevents the growth of microbes. Lubricity...
  • Assembly

    We have the capability to enhance our coating services by providing secondary operations of assembly and packaging. The assembly...

Welcome to Our Company

Medical Coating Solutions for Performance Needs
We specialize in finding the coating solution that meets your medical performance needs. Your products can be coated with: fluoropolymers, conductive & conformal coatings, hydrophilic coatings, with liquid or powder systems. Specialty treatments include passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, EMI-RFI shielding, and plasma chemistry.

Solutions, that you need!

We have developed patentable processes for some of our customers and can provide that expertise for your organization.

Products include surgical blades/needles, catheter wire, ablation units, ISO injectors, HDPE/PP tubing for guide wires, and many more. AMC is a division of MCI, which was established in 1943.

Coating Uses

• Surgical Instruments
• Electrosurgical Devices
• Hospital and Lab Equipment
• Dental Equipment

Coating Types

• Antimicrobial
• Non-Stick
• Conductive
• Non-Conductive
• Chemical Resistance
• Thermal Resistance
• EMI - RFI Shielding
• Hydrophillic

*And many more