AMC is one of the leading coating applicators of electrosurgical blades in North America


AMC is ISO Certified 13485:2016



VICTREX® PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a linear, aromatic, semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer regarded as one of the highest performing thermoplastic materials in the world.  Eco-friendly VICTREX® PEEK coatings, noted for their durability, will significantly improve the wear performance and life of the coated part. PEEK application systems provide excellent abrasion, strength and durability exceeding expectations for a wide range of demanding applications.  PEEK coated parts allow customers to extend application life, improve product performance and functionality, reduce systems cost and facilitate design freedom to achieve product differentiation. 

Key Benefits:

Exceptional Abrasion Resistance – Very hard, tough, and scratch resistant

Excellent Mechanical Properties – Including wear, creep and cut through resistance.  Extremely durable at high temperatures

Excellent Wear Surface 

Good Lubricity – Offers a smooth and uniform surface

Excellent Radiation Resistance – Exhibit excellent radiation resistance. Can withstand high doses of Gamma radiation without embrittlement 

High Temperature Performance – One of the highest performing polymers available where continuous high temperature performance is required

RoHS Compliance 

Eco-Friendly – Aqueous dispersions formulated to contain the lowest levels of VOCs

Good Electrical Insulative Properties – Very stable electrical insulative properties over a wide range of temperatures, frequencies and humidities

FDA Compliance – Numerous grades can be used in environments involving food, pharmaceutical & medical